Helping Survivors Gain Access to Education and Job Training

The Granting Courage Scholarship:

The Granting Courage Scholarship Program grants financial awards to survivors of human trafficking or child exploitation who plan to continue their education in college or vocational school programs.

The ICE Foundation grants up to ten (10) Granting Courage Scholarships each year for full-time undergraduate, graduate or vocational study. The awards scholarships up to $25,000. The Granting Courage Scholarship Program helps to offset the fees and expenses associated with educational study, and support the continued success of survivors of trafficking and exploitation. We help these young men and women not only survive, but thrive, by reducing the significant financial burden of education at a critical time in their live.


  • Educational Scholarships for Survivors of Human Trafficking or Child Exploitation.
  • Inspiration and guidance from our network of Survivors and Advocates
  • A focus on long-term survivor needs in the areas of education and career development